Make Humanity Great Again

Day Twenty-Nine - London II

Day Twenty-Eight - Paris

Day Twenty-Seven - Dublin

Day Twenty-Six - Amsterdam

Day Twenty-Five - Luxembourg

Day Twenty-Four - Brussels

Day Twenty-Three - Berlin

Day Twenty-Two - Copenhagen

Day Twenty-One - Stockholm

Day Twenty - Helsinki

Day Nineteen - Tallinn

Day Eighteen - Riga

Day Seventeen - Vilnius

Day Sixteen - Warsaw

Day Fifteen - Prague

Day Fourteen - Ljubljana

Day Thirteen - Zagreb

Day Twelve - Vienna

Day Eleven - Bratislava

Day Ten - Budapest

Day Nine - Bucharest

Day Eight - Sofia

Day Seven - Athens

Day Six - Nicosia

Day Five - Malta

Day Four - Rome

Day Three - Madrid

Day Two - Lisbon

Day One - London

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Make Humanity Great Again

28 Marathons in 28 Countries in 28 Days

In our country and our world there has been far too much talk of division. We can change this by talking of unity. 

As Europeans we have achieved so much since 1945, no matter how legal agreements might have changed over the years. Peace, friendship, trade, even love. A sharing of cultures without losing our identities. That is the true power of union. 

So today, let’s start to put these divisions behind us. It is the perfect day to start something I have dreamt of doing for many years: run through 28 of the capitals of Europe.

I will attempt to run 28 marathons in 28 countries in 28 days, raising money for charity. 

United, not divided, we can make humanity great again.