WUNDERBAR - UK and Ireland Tour Dates Announced

Ticketmaster Pre-sale - Tuesday 27th Nov 10am.
General on sale - Thursday 29th Nov 10am.

Five years after his last comedy tour FORCE MAJEURE made comedy history having played 45 countries including all 50 US States AND in four languages, making it the most extensive comedy show ever, EDDIE is back to his roots with an all-new rather personal show which expands on his own very unique, totally surreal view of life, love, history and his ‘theory of the universe’

“It is getting close to the time when I have to go off for a while to have a political life. But before I do that, I want to keep giving audiences around the world the best stand-up comedy shows that I can – especially at a time of Brexit-hate and Trump-hate. My new show is about everything from humans over the last 100,000 years to talking dogs and animal superheroes. I am looking forward to coming to see everyone again.”

WUNDERBAR is a delicious insight into the surreal and fantastical world of EDDIE IZZARD. This is intelligent Bunkum of the highest order.


Les dates de la tournée européenne de Wunderbar bientôt disponibles - ICI !

Wunderbar se jouera en Europe en mars et en avril 2019 ! Wunderbar a commencé sa vie en Europe à La Nouvelle Seine, un théâtre flottant à Paris sur la Seine où Eddie a commencé à improviser son nouveau spectacle en français. 

Il a ensuite changé de pays et a continué à le développer en improvisant à Berlin en allemand.

Aujourd'hui, après l'avoir étoffé en anglais, Eddie est prêt à partager Wunderbar avec le monde entier.

Consultez régulièrement la page Spectacles pour connaître les dernières dates et les informations sur les billets.


Believe Me Book Tour

On October 2nd 2017 Eddie Izzard begins a tour of his recently published memoir:

 ‘Believe Me: a memoir of love, death and jazz chickens.’ 

 Featuring a bit of stand-up, sharing personal photos, discussing his personal and professional life, reading from 'Believe Me' and answering questions from the audience, each show promises to be an intimate, unique experience.

 Tickets can be purchased through the links on this website.



Eddie's autobiography on sale today

Eddie's autobiography, Believe Me, a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens, is available today in hardcover, audio and Kindle editions. 

Get it from:  UK Amazon  |  UK Waterstones  |  US Orders  

Brimming with the surreal humour and disarming candor of his shows (with occasional digressions), Believe Me tells the story of a little boy who lost his mother yet who has risen to become a star of comedy and drama, a leading advocate of total clothing rights, a British European and extreme runner of marathons, who bestrides the world stage as a world stage bestrider.


New US dates

Dates have now been posted for a US tour of intimate evenings to celebrate Eddie’s new book:

Believe Me, a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens

...Featuring a bit of stand-up, sharing personal photos, discussing his personal and professional life, reading from 'Believe Me' and answering questions from the audience.

Each ticket includes a copy of Eddie’s book.

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To Pre-Order Eddie's Book in the UK:  

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