A Run For Hope

31 marathons & 31 stand up gigs, in 31 countries, in 31 days… without ever leaving London.

From Riverside Studios, London.

Eddie has set an extraordinary New Year’s resolution, to stage ‘A Run for Hope’ that will usher in a new year and a new future, encouraging people all over Europe and around the world to unite together to ‘Make Humanity Great Again’ Eddie firmly believes that 2021 must be…

“A time to look forward, to work together, to be tolerant and to live & let live.”

In February 2020 Eddie ran 28 marathons in 28 days, travelling all over Europe to run each marathon in a different European capital city. This incredible challenge raised over £140,000 ($184,000) for charity and highlighted Eddie’s campaign to unite people, countries and communities. 

The next day, intended as a day off, Eddie ran an extra marathon to make it 29.

Now Eddie is pushing even further and even harder. As well as running a full marathon every day across the month of January 2021, Eddie will also perform a stand-up comedy gig every evening as well - Eddie Izzard: Still Standing. And the whole ‘Run For Hope’ challenge and stand-up will be streamed live online to a global audience around the world.

Every day Eddie will travel the world without ever leaving his hometown, London. Running 31 marathons on a treadmill at Riverside Studios, London. Once each gruelling 42.2 km (26.2 mile) feat of endurance is completed Eddie will jump straight off the treadmill and run on stage to perform a nightly ‘Best–of’ series of stand-up comedy gigs.

Each marathon will be themed around a different European or world city. Supporters and fans are asked join in on this challenge by watching the event online, running together live (and ‘virtually’) in cities across the continent, joining the audience for the daily comedy shows, and donating to raise funds for a range of incredible charities that are helping to ‘Make Humanity Great Again’. Eddie will also be joined on this challenge by lots of surprise guests.